Your body is your temple
Look inside, find yourself
Feel at home
Unite, sweat, transform
Come show us your spirit
Love all, serve all.
Sharing yoga in Amsterdam, since 1999

Yoga is not about touching your toes – it’s about what you learn on your way down. And trust us: 1½ hours of chanting and twisting your body into impossible positions will definitely teach you something…

We feel that you deserve all the benefits of Vinyasa yoga. That’s why our teachers incorporate the four paths of yoga in every class. Want to know more? Stick around after class and grab some tea here at Svaha Yoga. We’re always in for a chat 🙂

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Come show us your sweat.

Our core yoga classes are divided into three levels of intensity. Whether you want to go back to basics or feel the stretch, we teach all levels every day. So even if you feel yesterday’s whiskey, no excuses.

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What they say

Word on Yoga Avenue.

  • An amazing sanctuary in the heart of Amsterdam. Svaha Yoga was open to me rocking it up a bit on their standard Kirtan night – the response was epic.

    Sri Kala, performer at Svaha YogaMC/DJ/Producer, Brooklyn
  • In a time where yoga is getting quite diluted, Svaha Yoga and its founders Patrick & Gösta, carry on the authentic and timeless teachings of yoga. Svaha Yoga is a precious gem.

    Katchi Ananada, guest teacher at Svaha Yoga Yoga teacher, NYC
  • I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across Svaha Yoga early on in my journey into yoga - and it has been my primary yoga home ever since.

    David Dodd, student at Svaha Yoga since 2003Yoga teacher, British
  • Svaha Yoga is a home away from home for those of us who love India and devotional yoga. Patrick & Gösta have created a wonderful atmosphere for the heart to open and the body to heal.

    Krishna Das, guru for Svaha YogaYoga rockstar & Grammy nominee, NYC
  • I'd always thought that inversion poses were only for the real devotees, but it turned out I was just afraid of flying. Huge thanks to Josie for helping me fly.

    Harriet Alida Lye, student at Svaha Yoga since 2014Writer, Canada
  • No matter how bad the past year got, the yoga and color at Svaha Yoga helped me tremendously. It made me laugh – no matter what.

    Karin Vuijsters, student at Svaha Yoga since 2014Project coordinator, The Netherlands
  • Thanks dear Patrick and Gösta, for sharing your inspiration, knowledge and your warm concern. Jai ma!

    Robin Kind, student at Svaha Yoga since 2011Yoga teacher, Dutch