Bhakti Flow

For the love of chants. And yoga.
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At Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, chanting and music are a core part of what we teach and preach. With our Bhakti flow yoga class, we take 90 minutes to celebrate the yoga of devotion with gentle practice and enough chanting to ease the soul. This class provides space to deepen your understanding of the path of Bhakti yoga and Kirtan.

A typical Bhakti Flow yoga class starts with a short and sweet asana practice to loosen our muscles and get into our bodies. The asana practice is always followed by a lengthy chanting session, in which we'll dive deep into the meaning of the mantras we're singing.

After loosening our hips and greasing our muscles with a gentle asana practice, it's time to kick off the party by picking up the harmonium and chanting to the rhythm of the drum. To help you deepen your knowledge of Bhakti yoga and Kirtan, we'll take the time to explain the background and meaning of the day's mantras.

Similar to our regular Kirtan sessions, we come together to sing and support each other in sound: there's just something about chanting with a group of people that works wonders. It is not about singing nice or performing; we aim for the experience to be about creating a vibrant atmosphere of community and connection, rather than performance. At the end of the class, we'll take some time to relax in savasana and let the energy of the chant wash over us.

This class is open for all levels of Bhakti yoga lovers, from seasoned chanters to curious newbies. All you need for a Bhakti Flow yoga class is an open mind and a willingness to try something new. If you've never chanted before, don't worry! We'll guide you through it step by step :)

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