Lunch Yoga

Out-Of-Office flow
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Do you have an hour to spare between client meetings? Need to get out of that hectic office for some headspace? Or are you just trying to regain your focus to write your thesis at university? Well, feel free to pop by our special lunch yoga class for a head-clearing flow yoga daybreak.

This Lunch Yoga for Students class takes just 60 minutes and has a set series of asanas to cover all the basics of yoga. Forward bends, back-bends, twists and balances form the central part of this yoga class. Believe it or not: those asanas will help you last through those long hours in class or cubicle. We're all doomed to be stuck behind our computers anyway. But not to worry: Lunch Yoga for students will keep your grey matter working like an oiled machine.

N.B. Anyone is welcome but if you are a student and bring a valid student ID, you'll pay just €5 for this lunch yoga class – less than 2 beers these days.
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