Sweet Evening Flow Yoga

Your worries of the day will fall away
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Rather than revving you up after a long day, this evening yoga class will get you ready for cocooning on the couch. In our Sweet Evening Flow yoga class, you will "yoga away your worries of the day" with an hour and a half of gentle asanas, breathing exercises and meditation.

We unconsciously tend to carry stress in our bodies. Yoga can help you consciously release that tension and find that moment of peace at the end of your day. The evening class is still a definite work-out, although specifically designed to help you wind down.

Even though the simple and sweet yoga poses will help you flow right into a good night’s sleep, this 90 minute class is meant for people with experience with yoga. So if you’re new to the yogi life, be sure to attend our Vinyasa Yoga 1 – Moderate Flow classes for at least 3 months before joining this evening yoga class.

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