Vinyasa Yoga 2 – Intense Flow

Where your yoga gets serious
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This is where your yoga gets serious. Try this one out after at least 3 months of Vinyasa Yoga 1 – Moderate Flow classes. By stringing together more poses in a row, the flows become longer, clearer and more intense. Vinyasa Yoga 2 – Intense Flow is by far our most popular yoga class – it will make you feel everything that’s going on in your body. There’s nothing like an Intense Flow yoga class with Patrick or  Gösta to eradicate any and all self pity after a night out :-p

Feel like you need even more stretch? Then try out the Vinyasa Yoga 3 – Extreme Flow class. But no pressure – please know that most people happily stick to the Intense Flow yoga class.

<!--Please kindly note that this yoga class is also available at our Downtown yoga studio in Amsterdam city center, and in our yoga studio in Amsterdam North.-->
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