After-School Yoga

Stretch & flex your way through life
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How about a moment without nagging teachers, screaming classmates and heaps of homework? If you're between 10 and 16 years old, please come join our After-School Yoga classes. It's an hour packed with fun exercise, meditation, a nice bunch of other young yogis – and no annoying laps. (Spoiler: also no phones, hashtags, or Snap 👻)
Now, you might think yoga is just for hippies or famous Instagram influencers, but that's definitely not the whole story. Yoga actually has been around for thousands of years. It's a wonderful mixture of exercise, relaxation and standing on your head that's practiced by thousands of people across the globe.

Practicing yoga helps you with a lot of things, like becoming stronger, and boosting your confidence and concentration. Somehow, all that bending and breathing improves a lot of other things too. It can give you superhuman focus and helps you keep your cool in annoying situations – all while making you work out (a little).

A single class is just €10, every Monday at our Jordaan Shala. Avoid eating or drinking sodas shortly before class, but you can always grab a cup of tea while you change into your flashy yoga gear (= leggings or sweatpants)!

Note: these classes are taught in English. You may always invite one of your parents to join (for free) if you feel shy. In fact, this might also help you convince your parents why you need to go to Svaha Yoga Amsterdam every Monday ;-)
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