Meditate, Chant, Dance

To celebrate life and yoga, we have several weekly #offthemat events on our regular schedule, plus a whole range of special yoga events (i.e. workshops, retreats, yoga courses – even morning raves). Some of these events are free; all of them are open to whoever wants to join the fun.

Just a warning though: it’s all highly addictive, so you might join all of them before you know it. However, please make sure to register as spots are limited.

You can book your spot either via the Weekly #offthemat schedule below, or just find the in the main schedule. For the extra extra specials, please open our Special Events Calendar for an overview of all upcoming events.

Upcoming Special Events

Weekly Events #offthemat

Guided meditation (free)

We offer free guided meditation classes a couple of times per week. Experience doesn’t matter, just drop by if you’re looking for an organized way to quiet your mind.

Just 30 minutes of stillness will already impact your wellbeing beyond belief, so these sessions are definitely worth a regular visit.


We spend time on all four paths of yoga, and our weekly Kirtan classes specifically celebrate the path of Bhakti. We bring the fun to devotion – the chanting is accompanied by instruments and drumming and everybody is encouraged to participate.

Our shindigs are open to everyone, free of charge and last for an hour and a half. It’s a way of celebrating the opening of your heart, so whether or not you practice physical yoga, please come join!

Hanuman Chalisa (on hold)

If you’re a fan of our Kirtan sessions, you don’t want to miss out on the Chalisa fun. Hanuman is one of the major deities in Hinduism, and plays a key role in the Ramayana – one of India’s best known and most inspiring tales.

We chant the 40 verses of the Hanuman Chalisa straight after class on Saturdays and Tuesdays – the official Hanuman days. You can just stick around after class or drop by early – it takes about 15 minutes and is right between classes.

Massages (paid)

We love stretching and exercising our bodies, but sometimes you just need a bit more to truly unwind. Luckily, we know three extremely skilled masseurs who transform our spaces to massage studios when we’re not using them. They’re all independent contractors, so you will need to contact them directly for booking and pricing.

Check the full event description or the schedule for contact details and more info on these massages.