Yoga helps you to connect physical strengths and capabilities with mental ones. We often get obsessed with caring for the physical and the mental separately. Yoga helped me to experience the [...]


Sometimes you just know you're doing the right thing at the right time. That's exactly how I felt during my first yoga class at the

Nina (K)

From never doing yoga, to diving straight into a full-on yoga retreat. That's not something most people do – yet I did just that. I went on a yoga retreat with my friend


Yoga taught me to find a balance between strength and flexibility. In the mid-nineties, yoga was the perfect way for me to get back in touch with myself after a day at the office. Many years [...]


My very first yoga class, 20 years ago. The


Life in theater can be hectic. The constant chaos and stress led me to look for something to


The seed of Yoga was planted early on in my life. Together with my dad, I used to practice Hatha [...]


The moment I walked into my first Community Class at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, I was blown away [...]

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