The seed of Yoga was planted early on in my life. Together with my dad, I used to practice Hatha yoga on the dark and cold days back in my home town


After I graduated as a professional dancer,


The moment I walked into my first Community Class at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, I was blown away [...]


After 20 years as a fitness athlete and instructor, I became interested Eastern Philosophy and started dabbling in yoga. When I finally found Svaha Yoga Amsterdam I got hooked. The Vinyasa Flow [...]

Marieke (M)

No matter where you go, the world rages around you. Instead of going along with the storm, my yoga practice


While my kids were growing up, I was juggling being a single mom, a doctor, a part-time yogi and lots of other stuff. But then yoga became a way of life, and Svaha Yoga Amsterdam became my [...]


Being still is a great challenge in our 24/7 society. For years I was doing and giving my all as a mother, wife, friend and professional. No surprise I burned out big time. Yoga helped me to [...]


A new world showed itself to me during my first yoga class. Everything happened at the same time: I became aware of my body and the


Yoga has been an important part of my life since 2010. Yoga practice has pushed me to become the best version of myself and to take control of my life. It’s helped me connect my body, mind and [...]

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