I first tried Hatha yoga when I was just a 16-year old hippie boy. Around this time in the early [...]


Yoga caught my interest during my time as a foot reflexologist in New York. Those years in the Big Apple, and especially starting at the


I was a real rascal growing up in Amsterdam. Patrick and I met in New York in my days as a fashion designer. He had to drag me to my first yoga class at


I was looking for something to counterbalance my hectic lifestyle as a professional dancer. I always had an interest in Eastern philosophy, yet yoga seemed slow, floaty and vague to me. Until I [...]


A new world showed itself to me during my first yoga class. Everything happened at the same time: I became aware of my body and the


I never actually intended to become a yoga teacher. After horrible car accident in 2010 left me in a coma, I had to relearn everything. Standing, walking, talking… everything. It took me a full [...]


I used to live like a rock star while modeling, acting and working in the art scene. After a while of all that traveling and partying, I started longing for a healthier lifestyle. Yoga is about [...]


Once upon a time, Patrick and Gösta found me in their backyard in Suriname. I was the runt of the litter, and struggling to survive. My dark


After 20 years as a fitness athlete and instructor, I became interested Eastern Philosophy and started dabbling in yoga. When I finally found Svaha Yoga Amsterdam I got hooked. The Vinyasa Flow [...]


Yoga taught me to find a balance between strength and flexibility. In the mid-nineties, yoga was the perfect way for me to get back in touch with myself after a day at the office. Many years [...]

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