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Tadasana (Mountain pose)


Yoga has given me the gift of conscious living. By connecting with my true inner self and everything around me, I feel trust in my response to life. I take responsibility for everything that happens, whether it's good or bad - or in between. This is also how I approach my journey of yoga - with an open mind, taking each experience as it comes, accepting them as opportunities for growth.

In addition to teaching yoga at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, I am the blissful mother of three daughters and a proud grandmother to two. I grew up in a blended family as the youngest of six siblings and learned the importance of family bonds, despite age gaps and differences in background. My mother was widowed at 25 with three children in Indonesia. Later, she met my father and together they had three more children in The Netherlands. Coming from the same womb, all six of us have always felt like full siblings.

Yoga came into my life later on, but hey – it's never too late to start practicing! After completing various programs, courses, and silent retreats, I decided to switch careers and dedicate my life to deepening my yoga practice. When I found Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, it instantly felt like home and inspired me to explore the physical, emotional, intellectual, and selfless aspects of yoga even further.

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