Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind. (Mooji)


Tadasana (Mountain pose)


The body is a tool of self-expression. Coming from a Rudolph Steiner school, these words of wisdom have always rung true. We used our toes when we first learned how to write and bounced tennis balls whilst learning our multiplications.

The power of meditation and movement was also something everpresent in our home. Whenever I was in pain, my mother helped me meditate the pain away. And when I felt anxious, I instinctively turned to movement and breath work to help me calm down. Still, it wasn't until 2016 that yoga got a more central role in my life. I have a strong mind, so it's fitting that Ashtanga Vinyasa was the first physical practice that truly spoke to me. Meditation has always been a great challenge, so the emphasis sequence and the ujjayi breath that comes with the practice were easy to fall in love with.

Even though I started with Ashtanga Yoga, I have found my home and practice at Svaha. The colors, sound and scent drew me in. The music, practice, and community made me stay. I can't wait to share my practice and spread the affection as a teacher at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam.

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