In truth, simplicity and love. (Babaji)

Remy & Daan

Remy (on Dholak) & Daan (on Harmonium)


We both grew up in families where mantras and music were part of daily life. We became a part of the Svaha Yoga Kirtan parties and have been rocking the Shala for years. Kirtan and music have helped us through the good and the bad in life, and now we get to share that as the "official" Kirtan Wallahs at Svaha Yoga every Friday.

Daan (Dhanyo): "Once upon a time, my parents and grandma travelled to the Himalayas, where they happened to meet a great saint in the Kumaon foothills. Singing and performing Hindu devotional music has been a regular thing in my life ever since."

Remy (Ram): "Ever since I was born, my mother played cassettes with devotional music from India for me. In 1983 she took me with her to Shree Babaji, making India my spiritual homeland. You'll now usually find me behind the dholak providing the groovy rhythms!"

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