There is a right yoga for everyone (Mark Whitwell)

My favorite asana

Dragonfly pose (Yin yoga)

About me

When I moved to Amsterdam 7 years ago, I happened to stumble into the Infamous Extreme Vinyasa Flow yoga class at the Svaha Jordaan studio. Little did I know, this class (taught by Gösta) is one of the most intensive yoga classes happening in and around Amsterdam. So… fast-forward to the end of the class and I find myself lying on the floor in a puddle of sweat, tears, and happiness. I guess that's what they call the transformative power of yoga!
Somewhat on the other end of the spectrum is Yin yoga – an extremely intimate practice that helps you slow down and get to know your patterns, your habits and yourself. Practicing, and teaching Yin yoga allows me to slow down and get to know myself better, each time. Don't be afraid of yourself and come say hi!
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