I wish to keep a beginner’s mind

My favorite asana

Garudasana (Eagle Pose), daughter in Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

About me

The Tao concept of “Wu Wei” influenced me as a kid. It means ‘inaction in action’, a concept that’s fully integrated in how my amazing teachers Gösta and Patrick teach yoga. No surprise I feel at home at Svaha Yoga Amsterdam. After I became a mother, I made a career switch from scientific researcher to yoga teacher for adults and children. Because life is fun and yoga is too – now let’s learn how to play like kids.
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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Vinyasa Yoga 1 – Moderate Flow (Downtown)
Kickstart your Vinyasa flow yoga
09:15 - 10:45
– Yiwen
Yoga for Students
Get the most out of your study break
13:15 - 14:15
– Yiwen
After-School Yoga (Jordaan)
Stretch & flex your way through life
15:45 - 16:45
– Yiwen
Vinyasa Yoga 2 – Intense Flow (Jordaan)
Where the yoga gets serious
18:00 - 19:30
– Yiwen





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